Algebra B - 3rd Term

Monday, March 23rd
Begin Tessellation Project

Thursday, March 19th
Go over the Factor/Foil Test
Begin More Complex Factoring (1st & 5th - White Board Assignment- no homework. 7th - Practice Factoring Worksheet, homework)

Tuesday, March 17th
Factor/Foil Test
Notes Due

Friday, March 13th
Test Review - It will help you study. --> Click here for answers. <-- EXTRA CREDIT - When you turn in your green review, write the secret code words "Sophomores are cool!" at the top of your paper. This will tell me you actually looked at the website to help you study. I'll give you 10 points extra credit for putting some effort into it! Just write those code words on your paper, I'll know you did it, and you'll get 10 points extra credit.

Wednesday, March 12th
Double Cross and Shellac Worksheets (Factor and FOIL)

Monday, March 10th
FOIL #3 with Factoring (Train and Tadpole worksheets)
Test Corrections - Deadline extended until Wednesday, 3/11

Thursday, March 5th
Distribute/FOIL worksheet #2.

Tuesday, March 3rd
Go over test - Test Corrections due Monday, March 9th
Assignment - Distribute/Foil Worksheet

Thursday, February 26th
Exponent Test
Notes Due
No Homework unless you took the extra credit logic puzzle

Tuesday, February 24th
15-2, 15-3, and 15-4 Worksheet

Friday, February 20th
How much rice did Rani get? Exponent Activity (get a copy of the worksheet in class)
Midterms Posted Today

Wednesday, February 18th
8.4 #19-57 odds (do the evens for extra credit)

President's Day Holiday

Thursday, February 12th
Exponent Review Worksheet (with partners)

Tuesday, February 10th
8.2 #21-61 odds, 78-83 all
Exponents Quiz #1

Friday, February 6th
8.1 #5-59 odds

Wednesday, February 4th
UBSCT Math Test - For REAL!
Exponent Gallery Stroll - No homework assignment

Monday, February 2nd
UBSCT Test (final practice test for the real thing, but it counts on your grade as test score)

Thursday, January 29th
Probability and Reading Graphs (Packet)

Tuesday, January 27th
Area, Perimeter and Volume - Practice Worksheet 10-2 (Packet)
UBSCT Quiz #3

Friday, January 23rd
Percents/Mean Median Mode Practice (worksheet)
UBSCT Quiz #2

Wednesday, January 21st
Ratio/Percents Practice (cryptic packet)
UBSCT Quiz #1

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