Sub Day - November 14th


Watch this video.  Pay careful attention.  This is what we learned last class.


Watch this video also.  The answer is a little more complicated than the first one.



Sub Day - Sec 2 (Per B3) - Friday, October 7th

Open your purple notes to page 26.
Follow along with the videos!

Video #1 - Page 26 - Watch the Video
Follow along and fill in page 26 in your notes

Video #2* - Page 27 - Watch the video
Follow along and then try a few problems on Page 27

* I made a custom video to go with page 27, but it didn't work.  Use this video instead.  The substitute has a filled in copy of page 27 and you can check your work.


Math 1010 - Project Help

Your project is related to inequality problems in Unit 1.  Do the best you can and use the hints on the following pages to help you along.