MATH 1050 - January 26th - SUB DAY

Hello class,

I'm home with a sick daughter today.

Read Carefully

I'm sorry I am not here to help you learn this today.  However, it is stuff you have learned before, so I expect you to try it without me!  Today we are covering sections 3.4 and 3.5.  Problems #12-14 on 3.4 are really the only super difficult ones.  We can go over those more in class next time if you can't figure it out.  Otherwise, use the helps below, review the material (yes, you've learned it before) and DO IT!

Concept 1:
Now do problems #1-9

Concept 2:
Click here to watch this video.  You only need to watch half of it (stop at 2:17).
Now do problems #10-11

Concept 3:
Graphing and Analyzing Piece-wist functions.  Try #12-14, but if it doesn't make sense, we'll go over it next class.

Concept: This section is all about graphing transformations of functions.  You use the same parent functions you used in 3.4 and then you shift them right/left, up/down, flip upside down, or make wider/narrower.  Again, you've done this before.  Use the videos below to help refresh your memory.

Video 1: This video is long, but useful.  Watch the beginning explanation and then skip around to see different examples.  

Video 2: This video walks you through and absolute value transformation and a square root transformation.


Sub Day - November 14th


Watch this video.  Pay careful attention.  This is what we learned last class.


Watch this video also.  The answer is a little more complicated than the first one.



Sub Day - Sec 2 (Per B3) - Friday, October 7th

Open your purple notes to page 26.
Follow along with the videos!

Video #1 - Page 26 - Watch the Video
Follow along and fill in page 26 in your notes

Video #2* - Page 27 - Watch the video
Follow along and then try a few problems on Page 27

* I made a custom video to go with page 27, but it didn't work.  Use this video instead.  The substitute has a filled in copy of page 27 and you can check your work.