Sub Day - Sec 2 (Per B3) - Friday, October 7th

Open your purple notes to page 26.
Follow along with the videos!

Video #1 - Page 26 - Watch the Video
Follow along and fill in page 26 in your notes

Video #2* - Page 27 - Watch the video
Follow along and then try a few problems on Page 27

* I made a custom video to go with page 27, but it didn't work.  Use this video instead.  The substitute has a filled in copy of page 27 and you can check your work.


Math 1010 - Project Help

Your project is related to inequality problems in Unit 1.  Do the best you can and use the hints on the following pages to help you along.


Sub Day - Math 1010 (Per 2B) - Friday, October 7th

The substitute will pass out a worksheet to you with some hand-written notes.  The notes go along with the following videos.

  • Feel free to politely ask Mrs. Denney to pause the videos if they are going a little too fast.  Afterwards, work on assignments 6.3 and 6.4.  There is also a Quiz covering material from everything you've learned in Chapter 6 so far.
  • After the videos, you'll have time to work in class.  Tuesday will be a work day as well, but you'll need to do your online homework AND your Advertising Project.

Video Link #1 - 6.3 Complex Rationals

Video Link #2-  6.4 Rational Equations, Example 1

Video Link #3 - More 6.4 Rational Equations, Example 2

Video Link #4 - More 6.4 Rational Equations, Example 3


College Prep

Click the link to copy the following budget sheets.


You will need top copy and paste the budget into a new google spreadsheet.