Extra Credit - 2nd Term

Do you need some extra credit for 2nd term? Here is your opportunity.

Find a famous mathematician on this list - Wikipedia List of Mathematicians.

Research the individual and:
1) Write 20 bullet-point facts about the person
2) Write a well-written paragraph explaining why that person's accomplishments are significant.
3) List the source(s) from which you got your information. Do NOT use Wikipedia. It is only meant to provide a list of names. Find another website.

E-mail the assignment to Mrs Binggeli at hbinggeli@murrayschools.org

DUE - Friday, January 8th. No Exceptions.
You may only do 1 mathematician report for up to 20 points extra credit.

UPDATE: I've decided to let you have half of your points towards test scores and half of your points towards assignments. This should help the test portion of your grade.