Geometry - Even Days

1st Term ENDS on October 30th.
ALL work and test retakes are
due by TUESDAY October 28th.
Bring your books to class EVERYday!!
Wednesday - Classifying Triangles Worksheet, 4.1 #12-40 evens, 4.2 #6-20 all
Monday 10/27 - Unit 3 Test and Unit 3 Notes Due
Thursday 10/23
Test Review Assignment - Ch. 2 p.95-97 #1-7, 11-20 AND Ch. 3 p.160-163 #1-24, 27
Check the odds in the back of the book to make sure you understand what you are doing for Monday's test.
Tuesday 10/21
p.679 #12-35 (TEST NEXT MONDAY 10/27)
Wednesday 10/15
3.5 #6-46 evens (skip 30). You may also do the odds and earn a couple of extra credit points.
Monday 10/13
Quiz on 2.1-2.4 (Need to take in class)
3.3 #9-22, 40-42 AND 3.4 #16-38, 43-50
Thursday 10/9
2.1-2.4 Review Packet
2nd period also had a Ch. 1 Review Packet.
Tuesday 10/7
2.3 #3-37 AND 2.4 #15-40, 51, 52 (ALL of them)
QUIZ next time
Friday 10/3
2.1 #16-35 AND 2.2 #8-23
Wednesday 10/1
Unit 2 TEST
Monday 9/29
Test Review --> SOLUTIONS
Wedensday 9/24
Grape Apes/Gyro Bakery Worksheet (get a copy in class)
Monday 9/22
Slope Packet #2 (get a copy in class)
(4th period - only did half of the assignment due to the fire drill. We will finish it next time.)
Thursday 9/18
Constructions Worksheet - (Get a copy in class.)
Tuesday 9/16 - Begin Unit 2
Slopes Worksheet and Parallel/Perpendiculars #1-10 (Click here to see problems #1-10)
Friday 9/12
Unit 1 TEST
Unit 1 Notes Due & ALL absent work and late work due
Wednesday 9/10
Test Review Day -
Click here for a copy of the Packet.
Click here for a copy of the SOLUTIONS to the packet

Monday 9/8
Advertisements If-then's (in class activity, don't need to make up), Unit 1 Quiz
If-then Statements Practice (click for a copy) [6th period - also had Soccer Logic Puzzle]

Thursday 9/4
Solar House Worksheet AND Soccer Logic Puzzle Worksheet (get copies in class) [6th period only did the Solar House Worksheet and will get the Soccer Logic Puzzle on Monday, 9/8)

Tuesday 9/2
1.4 #7-21, 28, 29 AND 1.5 #7-27, 31, 32
Thursday 8/28
1.2 Worksheet (you'll need to get a copy from Mrs. Binggeli) AND 1.3 #15-62 (you must show correct notation on every problem)


Petersen Family said...

You school website is very cool --
Mrs. Petersen

ShosTaK said...

i can not believe you left me here to suffer. Algebra 2 is really hard cause the teacher does not explain it like you use to in geometry and elem algebra. :(...
Everyone that is in Mrs. Binggeli's class is very lucky to have a great teacher like her!

-Brian Shostak

Bing Math said...

Thanks Brian! You're a great kid! Good luck. You'll get the Algebra 2 eventually!

Nick C. said...

I Love being in Mrs. Binggeli's
when i get a PC at home i'll start Blogging. Thx 4 everything...